30 November 2023,   21:21
" MPs from "Georgian Dream" told Kobakhidze that he has no idea about politics"- Source

A decay of Georgian Dream will not end with Gedevan Popkhadze"s decision. Courier was informed that some other MPs are going to leave the party as well. Reportedly the process has been preceded by a confrontation with Irakli Kobakhidze. Some MPs criticized the Chairman of the Parliament due to lack of political experience and advised him to ask advice to his father. According to the source of Courier, old faces of Georgian Dream objected the fact that new faces have priority in regard to TV interviews. They believe that new members it was unfair privileges.

That is why the members of "Georgian Dream" demand Irakli Kobakhidze"s resignation. They explain that either Irakli Kobakhidze should be transferred to the executive power or that members of the ruling team may demand his impeachment.

Members of "Georgian Dream" confirm that there is a difference of opinion within the majority and this is related to the cooperation of some MPs with a certain team of government.

Reportedly after Gedevan Popkhadze Eka Beselia is going to leave the party, However Beselia herself denies this information.