18 January 2022,   21:20
Mother of a 25-year-old murdered girl confirms that she has filled request on pardon of his ex-husband

A Former spouse of Vepkhia Bakradze, accused of murdering a 25-year-old woman on Barnovi Street, confirms that she has appealed to the Pardon Commission with a request to pardon her former husband.

Natia Gobadze says that Vepkhia Bakradze asked her from the prison to write a pardon request.

"He called from prison. I told him that I would do it for his daughter, not for him.
Afterwards, his daughter called me and asked if I accompany her to fill a pardon request. She was not excited with the idea... told me that he was bothering her ... I could not write on that day, we went three days later and I wrote two words.

Then he called me and told that he received a negative answer , "said Natia Gobadze.

She said that Vepkhia Bakradze threatened her.