30 November 2023,   04:44
Citizen of Georgia, kidnapped by Russian occupiers from the village of Plavismani is released

Tamaz Iluridze, the citizen of Georgia, kidnapped by Russian occupiers has been released from the Tskhinvali isolator.

At the moment Tamaz Iluridze is at Shida Kartli regional police department and informs law enforcement officers about his detention. According to Tamaz Iluridze, he was away from the occupation line when his detention took place. He claims that he was detained by the occupiers and was initially taken to Artsev and later to Tskhinvali.

According to Tamaz Iluridze, his trial was held in occupied Tskhinvali today.

Iluridze was detained by occupiers yesterday when he was herding cows.