17 June 2024,   08:07
If there is an attempt to form a common opinion by rigid methods, the political process and the team will be affected - Gedevan Popkhadze

The party"s leadership did not invite part of the parliamentary majority at the meeting which has been postponed several times. Among them is Gedevan Popkhadze, who was the first who spoke about the details of the internal confrontation in the party.

The member of the parliamentary majority says that the position of the party is incorrect and the meeting, which will be held in the "Georgian Dream", should be attended by the parliamentary majority. Popkhadze says that the decision is unacceptable, because the party leaders and colleagues of the party will have discussion without them their associates.

" We may have a sense of personal dissatisfaction with regard to some issues, but if there is an attempt to form a common opinion in a rigid way, this will affect political process and the team , "- said Gedevan Popkhadze.