30 November 2023,   21:56
"In case of decision , taken without us, we will continue accordingly" - Davit Chichinadze was not invited to the meeting of "Georgian Dream"

Davit Chichinadze, one of the leaders of Georgian Dream was not invited to attend the meeting of Georgian Dream .

The MP speaks about reasons for the invitation and suggests that the main topic of the meeting is not a controversy in the team and the ruling team is not discussing this issue today. But Davit Chichinadze says that his and his colleagues" issue will be discussed, they will make relevant statements.

"I think that speak about issues that are not linked to us. If it concerns us that we should attend this meeting. I am telling you directly that in case of a decision taken about us, we will respond accordingly and quite interesting. I do not have any expectations, I know that this is not about us,"- Davit Chichinadze said.

The parliamentary majority is underway for one hour already.