28 November 2023,   15:16
In a calm environment and at the same time, with total fraud - opposition about elections in Vani and Khoni

Representatives of the ruling party and European Georgia made statements about the election process. Representatives of the opposition party say that the ruling team is trying to influence the electorate using administrative resources.
Representatives of the ruling party deny the accusations expressed by the opposition parties.

Mamuka Tuskadze, a member of the New Christian-Democrats party, says the elections are fraudulent.

"It is going on in peaceful environment and at the same time, with total fraud ... The inter-agency session will be held on May 1 where I personally am going to speak loudly about this," said Tuskadze.

Elene Khoshtaria, a Member of the European Georgia, notes that the whole municipal structuresare involved in the election process.

"There have been attempts of violence but it can not change people"s mood if all come to the elections and fix their position. Of course, we have filed a complaint regarding the incident of violence and we have a full mobilization in order to have a peaceful process, "-Khoshtaria said.

Giorgi Kakhiani, Chairman of the Parliamentary Procedural Issues and Rules Committee, denies the accusations of the opposition and claims that Givi Tchitchinadze is leading with great advantage.