30 November 2021,   04:40
Besides the fact that Pharaoh appeared, there was no novelty and vision contentwise- Bokeria assesses Ivanishvili"s report

Bidzina Ivanishvili"s speech at the fifth congress of the Georgian Dream is negatively evaluated in the parliamentary opposition.

According to Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of "European Georgia", Ivanishvili"s speech included only insults of the opponents. According to him, the former prime minister who returned to politics and now is the chairman of the party has not talked about the ways of getting the country out of the deadlock in which the country was brought by "Georgian Dream" team.

"Besides the fact that the pharaoh appeared, there was no novelty in the content - again cursing of the past and the opponents, still praising himself, talking about some progress in the relationship with Russia, against the background of the tragedies that we have seem recently.

No vision for the future and no vision of how the country should come out of the deadlock where he and his team brought it , so as we said before, we do not expect any good from this change. This day also confirms that our task should be to bring down this man by means of elections and peaceful ways, "Bokeria said.