17 June 2024,   09:02
August war, transmission of Kodori, Akhalgori is related to the previous government ... Ada Marshania has not said anything Nothing traitorous - Inashvili

"Ms. Ada has not said anything different, which is not written in Tagliavini"s famous conclusion," the statement was made by Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia, member of "Alliance of Patriots" Irma Inashvili, while assessing her visit to the Russian Duma of the party.

Irma Inashvili responds to Ada Marshania"s statement. At a briefing held with Leonid Kalashnikov, she read the preliminarily written text and blamed Georgia for launching the 2008 war.

According to Irma Inashvili, the war of August, Kodori and Akhalgori were carried out during the previous government. Inashvili says that Ada Marshania did not make a betrayal statement.

"We say openly that the war of August, the transmission of Akhalgori and Kodori e are related to the specific representative of the previous government, including Mr. Bokeria, who accessed Kodori, "said Irma Inashvili,