22 January 2022,   12:20
Inga Grigolia was summoned for questioning.

Inga Grigolia was summoned for questioning. The journalist"s summoning to the Interior Ministry for questioning is connected to investigation into her statement . The case concerns Article 151 of the Criminal Code, which implies threats. Journalist Inga Grigolia has published a long letter in the social network where she says that an unknown man has been calling her from 2011, psychologically harassing her and asking for money.

"Someoneunknown was calling me from the prison telling me that he was the father of my child The calls came form prison, so I did not answer the prison numbers. After 2013 he was released from prison and started calling on my personal phone. For example, the first call was that I came out of prison, and I stand at your house and come down. I do not know who this person is. I do not know why I"m in the area of his interest. I was in the police station, "said Inga Grigolia.