03 July 2022,   18:04
Meeting of conflicting social groups in Tbilisi virtually failed

Meeting of social groups in conflict with each other has virtually failed in Tbilisi. Representatives of different religious confessions, human rights organizations, and groups with radically different opinions have been invited to the discussions, but only the representatives of "White Noise" and the clergy have come to the meeting.

The "White Noise" movement is still waiting for a meeting with the government to discuss drug policy. The Minister of Health should attend the meeting.

"We asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to hold this meeting in the presence of the Minister of Health, because drug policy is not the field of activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This is the problem in our country, only the Ministry of Internal Affairs is dealing with drug policy issues. Minister of Health is not currently in Georgia, he will return the following week and we hope that this meeting will take place next week. There are groups that think that our reform should not be implemented, we are sure that this reform should be implemented. In any case, dialogue, and peaceful expression and relations have no alternative and that is not what we saw in recent days when our peaceful demonstration was in danger from the fascists and the Georgian marsh, "said Davit Subeliani.