17 June 2024,   04:17
"This is a battle for truth and there will be no compromise" - a historic process underway in Strasbourg

Georgia against Russia, case # 2 - The historical process is underway in Strasbourg. The European Court of Human Rights ends to discuss a lawsuit filed against Russia.

Ten years after the August war, the country is waiting for an unprecedented decision. Today the Strasbourg Court will start the decision-making process, but before that the parties will hear the arguments.

At this moment the Georgian side speaks about its position. The session was started by the British lawyer Ben Emerson.

The Ministry of Justice is represented by the Georgian government together with two British lawyers. Georgia has presented more than 700 evidence.

"Our response to the offence committed during the 2008 war is legal. It is impossible to be different do otherwise, because we are a legal state and have democratic values.

"This is a struggle for truth and there will be no compromise in this fight," said Gocha Lortkipanidze, Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia.