17 June 2024,   04:23
Claims that it has not happened are shameful - lawyers of Georgian state are waiting for decision of Strasbourg Court in favour of Georgia

The Strasbourg Court ended an oral hearing of Georgia-Russia case. Today, 17 judges of the Grand Chamber heard the evidence submitted by tGeorgia and the Russian counterparts on the historical process. Now the Grand Chamber has to make a final verdict. The first comments were made after a three-hour open hearing.

The Georgian side is satisfied with the speech of the state attorney. According to the state attorney, Ben Merson, it was expected that the Russian government would try to prove that their military crimes were fabricated.

"It was not surprising that the Russian government tried to prove that the crime scene and their military crimes were fabricated. They have no answer. This is the last leverage of a desperate team and attorney to blame all and say that the evidence is falsified. That"s why I said that the American intelligence service Human Rights Watch and CIA intruded into the Russians side, stole the Iskanders, fragmented and threw them all down in order to
blame Russia. It is difficult to get their arguments serious and I"m sure it will be difficult for the European Court. It is quite a complex task. The court has all the material and is optimistic towards the outcome. But we can not predict what the court will decide, "said Ben Emerson, attorney of the Georgian state.

According to the lawyer of the state of Georgia, Rodney Dixon, Russia"s claim that their army is out of Georgian territory is shameful.

"Decision making will take some time. We have submitted our arguments. The Russian representative said that the Russian army is out of Georgia, but the evidence is contradictory. The whole world recognizes that Russian troops remain on the territory of Georgia. It controls the territory and installs the wire fences. In this institution, it is shameful to say that it has not happened, "said the lawyer of the state of Georgia, Rodney Dixon.