17 June 2024,   06:02
Recognition of independence of the occupied territories by Syria - ambassadors accredited in Georgia had a meeting at the Foreign Ministry

Emergency Meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Diplomatic Service informed Ambassadors accredited in Georgia on their position.

The Foreign Ministry"s protest was followed by Syria"s decision. The Assad regime officially confirmed the decision on recognition of the occupied regions several hours ago.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Davit Dondua said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started working for the break up of diplomatic relations with the Syrian Republic.

"We have already begun working to stop diplomatic relations with the Syrian republic. Now we have a meeting with the diplomatic corps in Tbilisi, where we will discuss the current situation and inform on our views, "said David Dondua.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs ruled out that other states would also share Syrian position in the region and recognize the independence of Georgia"s occupied territories.

"The whole civilized world supports Georgia"s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including the countries in the region in which the illegal recognition took place. We have very active contacts with the Middle East, the Persian Gulf, the African Arab world, and there is no danger that this will have any impact on the other states , "said David Dondua.

According to the de facto South Ossetian Foreign Ministry and the Administration of the so-called Abkhazian President, Syria recognized the independence South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia made a decision to terminate diplomatic relations with Syria in response to the recognition of the independence of occupied regions.