26 January 2022,   04:07
According to the IRI survey, trust towards institutions has been sharply reduced

According to IRI survey results, trust towards institutions has been sharply reduced. The population was interviewed across the country.

Approximately 34% of the population assesses the government"s activities positively which is a historical anti-record. The lowest rate was observed in May 2003 when 17% appreciated the government"s performance.

According to the results of the survey of the "International Republican Institute", a trust towards the Prime Minister"s institution has been reduced. Only 34% assessed positively his work.

43% of respondents positively evaluate the President"s activities. Margvelashvili had 64% in the first survey after being elected as president.

According to IRI, the rating of police is reduced as well. Only 50% of respondents estimate positively the police activities.