25 June 2024,   07:21
"Do not kill me!" - Demonstrators demand resignation of Murtsidze, Chinchaladze, Gvenetadze and Subeliani

Murusidze, Chinchaladze, Gvenetadze, Subeliani - demonstrators demand an immediate resignation of these four high-ranking officials.

Participants of the rally held in front of the Prosecutor"s Office moved to Rustaveli Avenue a few minutes ago.

"Murusidze should resigned, Chinchaladze, Gvenetadze and Subeliani should immediately follow him," Zviad Kuprava said.

According to Zviad Kuprava, the fulfillment of these requirements will show that the system was largely disrupted.

Zviad Kuprava once again appealed to the Prosecutor"s Office with a demand, not to name a candidate on the position of the Chief Prosecutor.

According to Kuprava, together with Zaza Sarlidze a public group will be created which will name the relevant candidate .