24 January 2021,   23:55
"Georgian Dream" does not have a mandate of trust to choose Chief Prosecutor - Otar Kakhidze

European Georgia calls upon the Government to fulfill the condition and select the candidate of the Chief Prosecutor by the public involvement. Otar Kakhidze criticized the statement of the chairman of the Georgian Dream faction and noted that "Georgian Dream" does not have a trust mandate to select the Chief Prosecutor.

"Unfortunately, we have heard from the leaders of" Georgian Dream ", namely, the Faction Chairman, that the main Prosecutor"s figure will be chosen by the Georgian Dream, through their team, and this approach is unacceptable for European Georgia and society." Georgian Dream "has no mandate of trust to select the Chief Prosecutor. We are once again calling on the government to fulfill this condition - listen to the Parliamentary opposition to listen to NGOs and we will once again offer our own candidate - Shalva Shavgulidze, whose professionalism and impartiality raise no doubt ", says Otar Kakhidze .