13 June 2021,   22:38
Mirza Subeliani is at Ministry of Internal Affairs at this moment

Mirza Subeliani, former high-official at the Prosecutor"s Office is at the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the moment. He refused to make any comments.

Mirza Subeliani, father of one of the witnesses in the murder case of teenagers, is allegedly summoned regarding the investigation of the case on Khorava Street.

The former high ranking official of the Prosecution Service was in the Ministry on June first as well. He has been summoned since the Ministry has officially taken over the investigation of the murder on Kostava street.

Zaza Saralidze, father of murdered Davit Saralidze accuses Mirza Subeliani of fabrication of the case materials.

Mirza Subeliani"s father Zaza Saralidze blames the case materials for fabrication.