04 February 2023,   15:52
Zaza Saralidze and Zviad Kuprava confronted by Law Enforcers

The confrontation in the Tbilisi City Court - Zaza Saralidze claims that lawenforcers confronted him and Zviad Kuprava.

According to Saralidze, the incident occurred in the Tbilisi City Court. According to him, after the judge announced a break during the trial, he accompanied Zviad Kuprava to the canteen of the City Court. Later, law enforcers came to them, verbally and physically assaulted him and Zviad Kuprava and forced them to return to the courtroom.

Saralidze says that law enforcers did not have the right to return Kuprava to the court by force.

According to him, Minister of Internal Affairs has begun hunting on him. Saralidze demands resignation of Giorgi Gakharia.