23 January 2022,   09:21
"When there are so many complaints about our government, the government should resign" - David Chichinadze

"When there are so many complaints about our government and people express it in their protest, the government should resign," Davit Chichinadze, a member of the ruling party, said on Rustavi 2.

Davit Chichinadze, a member of the "Georgian Dream" spoke about the meeting of the parliamentary majority, which was attended by Bidzina Ivanishvili and members of the government. According to him, there was talk about changes at the meeting held in the office of "Georgian Dream", but he refrained from specification.

"Changes are needed, especially when the UNICEF surveys have been published, there is a very bad economic situation, and I think that when we created the Commission, and did not trust the majority, and trusted the opposition to find the truth in the country it means that we are incapable of doing it. The solution is that the government should resign. The opening of the crisis and the removal of tension is when the government resigns, the new program will be presented if it does not help, there are other stages of political life, "Davit Chichinadze said.