01 December 2021,   11:26
"National Movement" is characterized with provocative actions "- Deputy Chairman of Ozurgeti Sakrebulo

"The real situation will be investigated and I am sure that the law will react," said the Deputy Chairman of the Ozurgeti Municipality Sakrebulo Giorgi Ghurchumelidze, regarding the fact of the beating of Beso Katamadze, the deputy of the National Movement.

According to him, he is not informed about the incident but he says that he is against the violence. Giorgi Ghurchumelidze also notes that the "National Movement" is characterized with provocative actions.

The "National Movement" is trying to escalate the situation in the whole country and among them in our municipality. The government will have an adequate response. Violence is absolutely inadmissible in any way, we condemn violence, but I call on everyone to wait for the official results of the investigation and then make conclusions, "said Giorgi Ghurchumelidze.

We would like to remind you that the member of "National Movement", Beso Katamadze was beaten by the Ozurgeti Sakrebulo members of "Georgian Dream" yesterday.