20 January 2022,   08:22
Government stopped discussing idea of introducing post of State Secretary - Consultations in "Georgian Dream" continue

At what stage current consultations on government changes are-the third round of discussions ended at "Georgian Dream" office late last night.

The representatives of "Georgian Dream" who came out of the meeting said that the decision had already been made regarding several ministries. Specific names regarding those ministers who will leave the position still remain unknown.
The government"s decisions are supported by the member of the majority Nukri Kantaria, though there are issues in which he has some remarks.

"I agree with reduction of the government, but not at the expense of the Ministry of Culture," -Nukri Kantaria said.

Giorgi Gachechiladze, chairperson of the parliamentary faction "Georgian Dream - Greens", claims that the post of the Secretary of State was not considered at the consultation.