25 June 2022,   14:34
"I will name seven individuals, these are policemen. Subeliani requested them to destroy the shed" - Investigative Commission listens to Zviad Kuprava

An Investigative Commission, which works on the murder on Khorava street listens to Zviad Kuprava.
The head of the NGO "Law Enforcement Reform Center" provides the commission members with details.

According to Zviad Kuprava, he can name this individual, who was accountable to Mirza Subeliani and who could possibly assist him in the disappearance of evidence.

" I"m going to name seven names and surnames. Some of them are acting, some are not. One of them is Otar Mirzoev. These people are obliged to Mirza Subeliani and Mirza Subeliani used it and asked them to solve the problem with the shed. That"s why Siradze had to it, "Zviad Kuprava said.