25 June 2022,   11:49
Mass fight in Berlin refugee camp - 1 Georgian killed and 10 injured

One Georgian was killed during a massive confrontation in the refugee camp in Berlin and ten Georgians suffered severe bodily injuries. Georgian citizens living in Germany tell the Courier that the conflict started in the camp between a 29-year Georgian and 18-year-old Sudanese.

According to them, after the fight, the Sudanese citizen was transferred to the clinic. After that, friends of the injured attacked and physically assaulted the Georgians living in the camp.

The source tells us that the reason for the conflicts between the Georgian and Sudanese citizens in the refugee camp of Berlin became the theft. According to them, some valuables belonging to the Georgian residents of the camp have been stolen.

The story of bloody confrontation in the temporary residence of asylum seekers became known after two citizens of Georgia were able to leave the territory and provide information to other Georgians living in Berlin.

Four of the 10 injured Georgians are still in Berlin hospital. The condition of one is particularly grave.

It is not possible to identify the dead and injured Georgians in the refugee camp of Berlin. Because the German government was asked for a shelter by Georgians, official agencies do not have the right to give their personal data to the Embassy of Georgia.

German police have begun to investigate the quarrel in the asylum seeker camp in Germany.

Information about the death of a Georgian citizen during the quarrel has not yet been confirmed to the diplomatic representation of Georgia.

Courier respondents say that for years now, they have informed Georgian representation in Germany that there are no basic living conditions in the camps and the Georgians are inhumanly treated there. The Embassy has not responded to the statement of young people who left the country .