28 January 2022,   00:32
It"s time to start a dialogue with Georgia - Sergei Shamba

Sergei Shamba said in an interview with radio "Eho Moskvy" about it. The ex-PM of the so-called occupied Abkhazia In his interview talked about the futile negotiations with the Georgian authorities and the 2008 war.

He believes that it"s time to start a dialogue with Georgia and jointly think about the future.

"I can say that I was the leader during the fight against Georgia, but I was the first to start talking about it, it"s time to start dialogue and think about the joint future, in the sense that we are neighboring nations and this is our destiny. We were not the only ones to have a war between the neighboring nations. Once the Europeans were fighting each other. But the time has come when it is needed to sort out the relationship . I think now that Georgia can start such a dialogue. I do not think Georgians are enemies. I have friends in Georgia Yes, we had an ethnic conflict, but most of it was still political, "Shamba said.