27 January 2022,   23:49
" Whether our boys wear the T-shirts or not is nobody`s business... when Tatunashvili`s body was transferred, that is exactly the man who nterfered" - president of the wrestling federation about scandalous photos

"If the federation is so successful, has someone asked, has someone come and seen what are the conditions we we are training, Whether our boys wear the T-shirts or not is nobody`s business," - the statement was made by the president of the Georgian Wrestling Federation Gega Gegeshidze in response to scandalous photos of Georgian wrestlers.

The members of the national team were posing in front of the photo cameras in T-shirts in the colors of the Russian flag, with depicting the picture of the head coach of the Russian national team and the MP of the so-called South Ossetia Tedeev.

The wrestlers claim that they have expressed their support to a long time friend and colleague.

According to the president of the wrestling federation, Tedeev helped the Georgian side in the transfer of Tatunashvili.