28 January 2022,   00:52
Government prepares to rig elections - opposition publishes recordings

According to the opposition, the government prepares for the total falsification of the presidential elections.

The members of the United Opposition have recently presented secret audio and video material, which shows that the neutral quota of commissions is filled with staff, loyal to the ruling party.

The opposition claims that this material reflects the facts, how Georgian Dream activists are appointed in the district and precinct election commissions.

There are several episodes in the secret phone recordings. One of them reflects how someone on the name of a coordinator of the Georgian Dream Commission - Nino Maisuradze calls the Krtsanisi District Election Commission and asks about the lists.

Petviashvili tells the person that he has not received any lists yet but says he plans to bring his students to the election commission.

Petviashvili confirms that he is in touch with the coordinator of the Georgian Dream Commission since 2012.