26 January 2022,   03:29
Attempts to rig elections and "Fake News" - Giorgi Vashadze Ministry to launch elections

United Opposition calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to launch investigation into several important facts revealed in the pre-election period.

According to Giorgi Vashadze, non-governmental organizations have also underlined the attempt of falsification of elections as well as the start of campaigning against the candidate of the United Opposition . Vashadze demands that the Audit Office should be interested in who pays the money to the concrete persons for publishing false information.

"Transparency International has disseminated the conclusion on the pre-election environment , where there are two very important issues. The audio recordings that we have spread about the chairman of the Krtsanisi District commission are also evaluated by the NGO as a record containing the offenses. We demand to launch a criminal case against the attempt of falsification of elections.

"It is also alarming that they sponsor false and fraudulent information spread by social network, especially regarding our candidate Grigol Vashadze," said Giorgi Vashadze.