26 January 2022,   04:03
"Grigol Vashadze"s Statement, aired by TV Imedi for several times in the wrong context was made before the war in 2008,"- Giorgi Vashadze

" TV company Imedi distributes fake news regarding our candidate- Grigol Vasgadze,"- states Giorgi Vashadze the head of the headquarters of the United Opposition at the special briefing.

Giorgi Vashadze accused Imedi TV of spreading a false information. He addressed the Charter of Journalistic Ethics to starts to study the issue.

"The statement aired on TV Imedi in the wrong context was made by Grigol Vashadze before the war in 2008. This statement confirms that the current government was doing everything to avoid armed conflict and the aggression that we received from the Russian Federation. TV Imedi broadcasts as if this statement was made before the August war and specifically distort facts. I call on the Charter of Journalism Ethics to study these stories from beginning to end, "Vashadze said.