30 November 2023,   15:22
Prohibition for wheat importers postponed for one year - Ministry of Finance has reached agreement with drivers

The Finance Ministry has changed the decision. The agency postpones prohibition on wheat import for one year.

The sides reached the agreement shortly before the meeting between one of the participants of the demonstration -Jano Amakladze and the Finance Minister. Jano Amkoladze climbed on the roof of the building several hours before the meeting, poured fuel and threatened to burn himself.. Ivane Machavariani arrived at the site on the basis of his request.

Jano Amkoladze informed the demonstrators about the decision himself.

After the negotiations, the Minister of Finance said that decisions will be made after negotiations with drivers.
" We have taken into account the condition of all drivers. We made a decision to postpone this restriction for one year. Farther steps will be agreed with drivers, "- said the Minister of Finances.