18 January 2022,   22:38
"Salome Zurabishvili"s statement is extremely dangerous" - Salome Samadashvili

Opposition members comment on the noisy statement made by Salome Zurabichvili in Akhalkalaki. Representatives of the National Movement call the presidential candidate"s comments "extremely hazardous".

The Presidential candidate supported by "Georgian Dream" accused Mikheil Saakashvili of granting privileges to the population of the Turkish nationality during the meeting with ethnic Armenians.

The opposition speaks about the damage to the country"s interests by Salome Zurabishvili.

"Salome Zurabichvili"s statement yesterday is extremely dangerous not only for the incitement of ethnic hatred but also due to the fact that Russian special services wirk in the region for years and try to encourage anti-Turkish and anti-Western sentiments. When the Georgian presidential candidate arrives in this region and speaks directly according to the Russian propaganda language, this is a direct blow to the fundamental interest of our country, "said Salome Samadashvili.