22 May 2024,   04:59
Scandalous Recording From Gldani Prison - MP Victor Japaridze confirms he met with Mirza Subeliani

Victor Japaridze, the MP from Mestia, confirms the authenticity of the recording of Gldani prison.

Japaridze says that Mirza Subeliani was referring to the facts that had to be the reason for the launch of the investigation and the issue of liability for political officials.

However, the Georgian Dream MP is more concerned about another issue, namely who and how has recorded the conversation in the Gldani prison.

"I have really met with him, but I don"t know which meeting you mean, because due to his persistent request I"ve met him for several times. I"ve met with him when he had a stress. I have not heard anything serious.

The content is not the main issue, the main thing is that someone has recorded a conversation of the MP and him. I have addressed the Chairman of the Parliament with an official letter and I had the permission. He was demanding to ask them because as he said, he has a merit, However, I don"t know what he means, "Victor Japaridze says.

" You see everything and you would not miss an armed group, which consists of 50 members. I reckon once again - Personally, I am completely unsure about Subeliani"s statements and that"s why I did not react," Japaridze says.

According to Japaridze, he met Subeliani in the custody after the former high-ranking official in prison asked to meet him.