19 January 2022,   00:20
Grigol Vashadze 39.2%, Salome Zurabishvili 37.6% - according to United Opposition, Vashadze is leading

One of the leaders of the "National Movement" Zaal Udumashvili says that according to protocols, which are currently being counted by the opposition, Grigol Vashadze is leading.

He said that according to the parallel vote count and the protocols available to the United Opposition, Grigol Vashadze has 39%, Salome Zurabishvili more than 37%.

"Regardless of the fact that the CEC tries all kinds of manipulations to help the government candidate. With all the counts, including the parallel calculations and the results counted by us from the summarized protocols received from almost all polling stations, Grigol Vashadze has 39.2% and Zurabishvili has 37.6%.

Grigol Vashadze has been successful in all major cities of Georgia and of course in Tbilisi.

Believe me, Tbilisi made a really decent choice because this election was our choice of dignity.

Despite the fact that at 8 am we had to fight for all precincts, as we saw cases of unprecedented fraud in all districts in Tbilisi, Tbilisi is supporting Grigol Vashadze, "Zaal Udumashvili said.

According to him, he is convinced that Grigol Vashadze will gain a convincing victory in the second round of elections, before that the opposition is ready to defend all the votes.