19 January 2022,   00:25
Brother of the "Dream" Majoritarian MP, Endzel Mkoyan"was organizer of the attack-Giorgi Vashadze

Giorgi Vashadze, head of the headquarter of the United Opposition"s presidential candidate responds to physical confrontation in Akhalkalaki.

The head and members of Grigol Vashadze"s election headquarters were physically assaulted by twenty persons. Armed men broke into the building of the opposition headquarters. Vashadze calls on the government and on the government to stop violence.

"The Georgian Dream is in agony and directly applies to provocations and violence," Vashadze said.

According to Vashadze, Akhalkalaki opposition members were attacked by the brother of the "Dream`s" majoritarian MP.

"This attack was headed by Arthur Mkoyan, brother of" Georgian Dream "Majoritarian MP, Endzel Mkoyan. This person was identified and other attackers are being identified by our side. According to our information, about 20 people attacked our headquarters. They were armed with batons and our people were severely beaten, "Vashadze says.

Vashadze says that the aim of the attack is to rig the election . According to Vashadze, these people were to file complaints about the violations revealed in the elections.

Vashadze appeals to the MIA and calls for a timely investigation into the case.

In Akhalkalaki three opposition members were physically assaulted in the election headquarters of the presidential candidate. The injured were taken to the clinic by emergency brigades.