18 January 2022,   23:34
One more member of staff is beaten - Giorgi Vashadze speaks about new details of confrontation in Akhalkalaki

One more member of staff is beaten, his ribs are broken - Giorgi Vashadze talks about new details of confrontation in Akhalkalaki.

Questioning of victims of the attack in Akhalkalaki continues. Investigators are in a traumatologic hospital because the injured remain there.

Giorgi Vashadze, the head of the United Opposition"s office recently arrived at the site. He states that it has just been revealed that one person was beaten in Akhalkalakibut he hid the fact.

"According to our information, his ribs are broken, but he was frightened and pressured and made to hide this fact. Reportedly Enzel Mkoyan was engaged in this incident as well.

This is an organized crime group, this is a particularly grave crime. We have informed about it our international counterparts,"- says Giorgi Vashadze.