24 May 2024,   13:57
"They are afraid of losing their positions" - Giorgi Vashadze speaks about "Georgian Dream"


"They are afraid of losing their positions. Instead of thinking about people"s problems and hardship, they are thinking about building palaces, their own pockets, solving their own problems, "said the head of the United Opposition"s presidential candidate"s headquarters in the address to the Georgian Dream.

Giorgi Vashadze said at the special briefing that the results of the first round of the elections prompted the authorities to take concrete steps.

According to Vashadze, the ruling team will give false promises to the population to win the second round of the presidential election.

"Yesterday, Bakhtadze spread the information that socially vulnerable children will receive five times more help. Unfortunately, they have now learned that 150,000 children are on the verge of hunger and there is possibility in the budget to give out more assistance. Mr. Sergeenko says that socially vulnerable people will not be deprived of assistance in case of starting work. For years, we request this from the Ministry of Health. Now, it turns out that the budget has been allocated to do all that. The draft budget that was submitted by the Georgian Dream to the Parliament does not provide for any initiative, "said Giorgi Vashadze.