24 May 2024,   15:25
Zaza Saralidze appeals to Ivanishvili and requests meeting with him

Zaza Sarlidze appeals to Bidzina Ivanishvili and asks for a face to face meeting.

Father of Davit Saralidze,who was killed in Khorava Street, has released an open letter on his own Facebook page.

Zaza Sarlidze demands from the former prime minister to present the evidence confirming that he was a coordinator of the National Movement.

The father of the teenager killed in Khorava Street notes in an open address that there are attempts to destroy him psychologically.

"Mr. Bidzina, I address you with an open letter and ask you to explain why you are using defamation against me and to demonstrate evidence that will confirm my working as a coordinator in the National Movement.