22 May 2024,   18:42
Kupatadze is one of the best policemen ... As for his relative, I do not have any idea - Interior Minister responds to the story aired in "Saturday`s Courier"

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia has commented on the story published in "Saturday`s Courier" regarding business deal`s of the father-in- law of the head of Tbilisi patrol police, Teimuraz Kupatadze.

Giorgi Gakharia is convinced that Avtandil Tabutsadze"s business has no connection with his agency.

"Temur Kupatadze is one of the best police officers in the country. He is the head of the patrol police department and he fulfills with dignity his rights and duties. As for his relative, I have no idea who he is and I am sure that his business will not have any contact with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I do not know, but I"m sure there will be no connection. Because I believe in the dignity of Temur Kupatadze, "- said the Interior Minister.

According to the opposition, the father- in -law of the head of patrol police receives big money in exchange for the support of "Georgian Dream". The funds are given from the state budget according to specially designed scheme.