22 May 2024,   17:30
Government prepares for mass fraud,- Grigol Vashadze


" We receive information from every region that the government prepares mass fraud," - Grigol Vashadze, the opposition"s presidential candidate made a statement at the briefing today.
Grigol Vashadze addressed the government and asked them to refrain from fraud.

"We have already prevented attempts to rig elections in all the big cities and we will do the same in other regions," Vashadze said.

Grigol Vashadze also commented on the government"s propaganda against him, including the issue of the right to pardon, and noted that the United Opposition will use the right of amnesty after coming to power.

"The United Opposition is going to pardon mothers, who have minor children first of all and who don"t have committed the serious criminal offence. People who have committed an economic crime and civil society will help us to determine margins in this regard. People who are arrested for purchase and use of drugs, "Vashadze said.