22 May 2024,   19:47
"Where is Mr Gakharia and what he does ask Mr Gakharia - Gia Zhorzholiani about involvement of Ministers in the election campaign

An election campaign for the second round of the Presidential elections has begun. The ruling team tries to mobilize votes without the presidential candidate herself.

As it is known, Salome Zurabishvili is not yet involved in the campaign, but Kakhi Kaladze, the general secretary has already started meetings.

In addition, the Interior Minister has visited Samegrelo already, met local government and issued recommendations on the mobilization of votes.

The parliamentary majority does not speak about the involvement of Georgian Dream"s leaders in the campaign and say that the attempt to mobilize the voters is logical.

" Where is Mr Gakharia and what he does ask Mr Gakharia. As for the second tour, it is obvious that all people and groups, who are well of the fact that further development of the country under UNM is undesirable, will mobilize," - said Gia Zhorzholiani, chairman of " Georgian Dream - Social Democrats ".