22 June 2024,   14:04
Lawyers of Lasha Tordia demand requalification of the case after getting acquainted with case materials

Following Lasha Tordia"s complaint, the lawyers are preparing to study the case materials, after which the lawyers will request from the Prosecutor"s Office to change the case qualifications. The case against Otar Partskhaladze is being carried out under the article pertaining to beating. The attorney claimed that in the spring of last year the Thordian attack on Shardin was related to the fulfillment of his official duties and the charge of Partskhaladze should be changed. The former general auditor himself, like politicians and civil society, is convinced that after a year and a half, the case is now activated for the second round of elections and calls the process "staged performance".

"It was a personal revenge and personal attack against high-ranking official, who was performing his duties," said Eka Kobesashvili, lawyer of the Human Rights Center.