18 June 2024,   08:47
"He has practically announced pardon of violent regime,direct torturers" - Kakha Kaladze comments on Grigol Vashadze"s interview

The general secretary of the "Georgian Dream" comments on the interview of Grigol Vashadze, the presidential candidate of the United Opposition.

According to Kakha Kaladze, Grigol Vashadze made an open statement in the interview with " Deutsche Welle" and openly announced the unconditional pardon of the violent regime architects and directors.

According to the Mayor of Tbilisi, Vashadze"s interview proves that instead of developing the country the opposition is going to start a riot.

" He has practically announced pardon of a violent regime, direct torturers. We have an extraordinary situation when the presidential candidate promises not the country"s development or fulfilment of his constitutional obligations but promises to start a disorder in the country, "Kakha Kaladze said.