24 May 2024,   13:58
Defense Ministry Engaged in Political Speculations - Analysts Respond to General Chancotadze"s Criticism by Izoria"s Office

The Ministry of Defense has also been involved in political speculation - experts evaluate General Devi Chankotadze"s criticisms by Levan Izoria.

Defense and Security Specialist Batu Kutelia says that the General has the right to publicize his opinion on political issues.

According to the analyst, like all patriots, the generals are insulted by the presidential candidate"s statement regarding the 2008 war.

General Devi Tchankotadze has released a statement yesterday, where he criticized Salome Zourabichvili"s statements about the war.

"The Ministry of Defense unfortunately recently had several statements about the depoliticisation of the agency and, on the contrary, once again confirm that this agency is still a political manipulation weapon. General Devi Tchankotadze, as well as any Georgian citizen, has the right to express his opinion on important political issues. Naturally like all the patriot citizens of Georgia, it isunacceptable for General Tchankotadze to accuse Georgia of
starting the war, "said Batu Kutelia, Vice-President of the Atlantic Council of Georgia.