26 January 2022,   08:43
CEC tries to manipulate with the date of elections - Giorgi Vashadze


"In agreement with Georgian Dream  CEC tries to manipulate with the  date of elections,"- Giorgi Vashadze, the head of Grigol Vashadze"s election headquarters has made a statement at the special briefing.

According to Vashadze, in 16 days after the elections it is not yet known when the second round of elections will take place. 

 Vashadze appeals to Tamar Zhvania, the Chairman of the  CEC to set the election date.

 "Sometimes the CEC tells us that the elections will be held in the middle of the week, on a working day , so many of our citizens abroad will not be able to participate in the elections, "Vashadze said.

 Vashadze states  Georgian Dream tries to  gain time by delaying the appointment of the election date to influence the electorate.

 Vashadze says that the date of the CEC session, when the summary protocol will be placed is unknown as well.