19 May 2024,   08:54
Explosion in Zemo Ponichala - Residential building remains evacuated

On the second day of the tragedy in Ponichala, the 4th entry of the 23rd building remains completely empty and people are evacuated.

Heavy equipment is mobilized in front of the building in order to clean the entrance from the ruins. Experts are expected as well, they have to determine weather the building is safe.

Local residents spent last night in different hotels.
According to locals, they promised to compensate their losses.

As for the injured, they remain in the Burn Center. The condition of the father and son is hard. 60 per cent of their body is burned.

The deceased mother-child were taken to Chiatura late last night.

The explosion occurred in Zemo Ponichala yesterday morning. According to the initial information, the explosion was caused by an accumulation of natural gas.