30 November 2021,   09:10
"Georgian Dream" has moved to unbridled lies, "- Giorgi Vashadze responds to Kakha Kaladze

"We really have a state of emergency," Georgian Dream "has already moved to the unbridled lies that they spread daily," - Giorgi Vashadze, the Chairman of "New Georgia" and a Head of Grigol Vashadze"s election headquarters responds to the allegations of Kakha Kaladze.

According to the Tbilisi Mayor, the opposition spreads false information that Georgian soldiers may be tried by the ICC.

Giorgi Vashadze called on the Mayor of Tbilisi to listen to the statement of the Justice Minister once again.

"Their current statements regarding the International Criminal Court don"t are out of ordinary. Mr Kaladze said today that we are saying that the Hague Criminal Court may investigate the cases of specific military personnel, specific persons. Mr. Kakhi, listen to the statement of your Justice Minister which was made a day before yesterday, where she directly said that the Hague Criminal Court can initiate a case against specific individuals and military personnel. Moreover, she committed crime saying that these soldiers and the state have nothing to do with each other,"- said Vashadze.

He recalled Tea Tsulukiani"s letter, sent to the Hague Court Which stated that the Georgian side ceased the investigation into the 2008 war.

"What are you doing at all? Or what do you know about the state or the state interest? , "Said Giorgi Vashadze.

According to Vashadze, making statements against the state is damaging the interests of the country.

Giorgi Vashadze speaks about the dismissal of the Minister of Justice and says that Tea Tsulukiani commits a crime against the state.