26 May 2024,   09:42
Bribery of Voters, Intimidation and Oppression Before the Second Round - European Commission President talked with Georgia"s PM about pre-election environment

Bribery of voters, intimidation and pressure before the second round - how the EU assesses the current situation in Georgia, the President of the European Commission was asked this question by Tamar Nutsubidze, a journalist of the "Courier".

Jean-Claude Junker says that he has talked about electoral environment with the Prime Minister of Georgia, whom he met in Brussels.

"We discussed this issue amicably and I have no doubt that all democratic standards will be protected," said Jean-Claude Junker, president of the European Commission.

Is the paying of debts for 600 000 citizens before elections by Bidzina Ivanishvili Fund bribing of voters? Mamuka Bakhtadze avoided talking about this issue and said that this is a narrative of the National Movement.

"This is a narrative, which unfortunately is spread by the" National Movement "and it is not healthy. Fair and free elections are held in Georgia and this is our approach.

That is why Georgia is successful. The first round showed that competition was healthy and the second tour will be held with the highest standard. As for the violations, we need specific facts, "said PM Mamuka Bakhtadze