27 October 2020,   15:42
Cold weapons, Molotov cocktails, stones and batons - Attacks on opposition five days before elections

Cold weapons, Molotov cocktails, stones and batons - Attacks on the opposition several days before the second round of the presidential election. In the last 24 hours, supporters of the opposition have been severely beaten in Racha, Kakheti and Guria.

The health condition of Nodar Burdiladze, the head of Grigol Vashadze"s election headquarter, who was wounded in Oni is hard. His family says that the local leader of the opposition is a victim of political revenge. The United Opposition blames "Georgian Dream" activists in attack.

According to Burdiladze"s family members, there were two attackers, but law enforcers detained yesterday only one person - Kakha Isakadze for attempted murder.

Forthermore, the so-called Molotov cocktails were thrown at the house of the "National Movement" coordinator living in the village of Vejini, Kakheti,. Three bottles full of fuel started burning, but the owner of the house noticed the fire burning at very soon and the car escaped the explosion.

Elmira and Valeri Betsiashvili accused Gurjaani Mayor of organizing the attack. Archil Khandamashvili denies accusations.

One more incident happened in Guria. Supporters of the government in the center of Ozurgeti tried to break the electoral banner of the United Opposition. They threw stones at the opposition members.

Human Rights Defenders impose responsible for the facts of violence in the country on the governing authorities.