27 October 2020,   15:44
" The number of policemen and military servicemen in the newly drawn special lists increased by 1329 compared with the first round, " - opposition speaks about another scheme of falsification

Special lists - The United Opposition talks about another scheme of fraud, according to which the CEC is trying to manipulate with votes.

Levan Bezhashvili, a member of the political council of the United National Movement, says that the CEC has made special lists and tries to change the data in the polling stations where Vashadze is leading.

Bezhashvili has brought for example of Samgori election district, where as he claims that the mobilization of 1329 policemen and military personnel is planned.

"Only in Tbilisi Samgori District and the lists have been increased by 1329 policemen and military servicemen, who will be able to take part in voting in Samgori district and to effectively change the results that were in the first round.

"146 military servicemen were added to the polling station # 47 in Samgori district, 402 military servicemen added to precinct N 84, 613 military servicemen added to polling station N83, this number is 1329 votes and practically can change the first round results in favor of Salome Zurabishvili, "said Levan Bezhashvili.

Bezhashvili calls on observer organizations to pay attention to Samgori election district during the second round of presidential elections.