24 April 2024,   19:53
"Georgian Dream will not be able to rig your vote, the main thing is that you should be active" - Giorgi Vashadze appeals to voters

"Recently, everyone has become aware of a number of schemes and mechanisms for electoral fraud, which have been developed by the Georgian Dream," said the head of the headquarters of the Grigol Vashadze`s election headquarter.

Three days before the second round of the presidential election, Giorgi Vashadze speaks about the pressure on the electorate.

"In the recent period, everyone has become aware of many schemes and mechanisms developed by the Georgian Dream for rigging elections. This is manipulation of election lists, prntng of false documents, IDs, bribing of voters, this is the use of administrative resources and intimidation of people, "said Giorgi Vashadze.

According to Vashadze, after the first round of elections, the members of the united opposition studied in detail the actions of "Georgian Dream" related to falsification of elections.

"With full responsibility today we can say that in whole Georgia, in every precinct, there is a full readiness from our representatives to prevent all these falsifications," said Giorgi Vashadze.

The head of the election headquarters of Grigol Vashadze says that 20 thousand people will be mobilized at the polling stations in the second round, who have passed the highest standard of training in order to reveal the facts of fraud. Vashadze has appealed to the citizens of Georgia and urged them to come to the elections.

"The Georgian Dream will not be able to falsify your votes, the main thing is that you should come and make your choice," said Vashadze.

Besides that, Vashadze says that all those persons who are intimidating the voters should be charged with criminal offense.