25 March 2023,   10:58
We knew that they were recording - Ivane Machavariani on scandalous recordings

A finance Minister responds to the scandalous recording, the main figure of which is himself. In the recording, he speaks about " restructuration of debt" to Omega Group.

According to the minister, he knew that the conversation was being recorded, but Machavariani does not see the problem in it.

Machavariani says that constructive dialogue with "Omega" management was held and they offered a way out of how to annul debt to the company.

" Despite so many lies, we have met. We knew exactly what they would record the meeting, nobody doubted. I told them that there was a chance to annul their fines and we could speak about the rest,"- said Ivane Machavariani.

The new scandalous recording of the Omega Group was released last week.